Sleep well, wake up rested and ready for new adventures. Finding a good alternative to sleeping outdoors in tents can be crucial for how much quality your night’s sleep is, how the body feels when you wake up and whether you get the energy recovery you need.

Here are seven really smart tricks that come from Community  members hiking blog. 

  1. Bring your favorite pillow case
  2. Fold together your most beautiful, fluffy mid-layer
  3. Stuff your clothes in a dry bag or ruckack
  4. Buy an inflatable camping pillow
  5. Use a ‘bag in box’ filled with air
  6. Skip a pillow and drag on your hands
  7. Fill a t-shirt with other clothes

I haven’t tested the bag-in-box solution myself, but it certainly seems like a lovely icebreaker.

Here are my top-three options: D

A nice pillow if I sleep at home, in a van or fall-out-of-the-car camping. For anything more hardcore, my most used solution is to use a dry bag or packing bag filled with a soft mid-layer. A small inflatable pillow is also very luxurious. It doesn’t take up space and is more ergonomic for the neck than the packing bag solution.

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