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About Me
My name is Angeliqa Mejstedt and I am a hiker, nature lover, author, HR specialist and civil economist. Not to mention coffee-loving flea market enthusiast.

I live in Västerås and since 2013 I have run Sweden’s largest blog about hiking. I left a career as a HR specialist behind me to run my own business and devote myself full-time to communicating with others about hiking in all possible forms – in both words, images and text. I want more people to get out and discover nature and the adventures to be found in the forest behind your house. For me, outdoor activities are not about kilometres and altitudes or transport from A to B. It’s about being here and now, together or on your own.

The hiking blog started from a longing to be out in nature. The blog became the link between life in the big city and the occasions spent outside. It is in front of the fire in the woods or when I drink coffee on a warm mossy rock that I find presence. I call it Hikefulness – the balance between challenge and recovery. And that’s the heart and soul of the Hiking blog, the contrasts are the driving force and it’s the pleasure to be outside that I want to share with you who read.

The hiking blog often appears in the media when it comes to raising questions about hiking, outdoor activities and what happens when we go out into nature. Among other things, I’m talking about whether digitalisation threatens the outdoor life with British BBC . With Finnish YLE < / span> I spoke prejudices and stereotypes on the trail. Add to this the majority of Swedish media such as Express , Aftonbladet, Utemagasinet, Dagens Nyheter that everyone wanted to talk to me about hiking. In addition, I’ve also been heard in the Karlavagnen and UTE MED P1 .

Over the years, I have had the honour to be awarded and nominated for several awards and prizes. Among other things, Marketer of the Year in Västerås, Outfit of the Year at the Outdoor Gala, and the Year’s Innovator at the Great Influencer Prize and Star Enterpriser of the Year in Västerås 2017.

Angeliqa Mejstedt Vandringsbloggen
Angeliqa Mejstedt Om Vandringsbloggen

About the Hiking Blog
The hiking blog is a blog about hiking and outdoor life that aims to make life close to nature easier and more fun. The hiking blog is aimed at the beginner who is curious to go out into nature as well as the more experienced hiker. It is written in a way that makes everyone feel at home and comfortable.

On the Hiking Blog, you can read about hiking, outdoor activities, practical guides, tips for outdoor life, hiking trails and destinations, product reviews, personal thoughts and reflections.

The blog started in 2013 and has since grown to become Sweden’s premier and largest blog in hiking and outdoor life.

The hiking blog is a company, which means that the blog is partly based on revenue through sponsored posts and paid collaborations. Learn more about how it works in my Advertising and PR Policy .


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Collaborations and Services:
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Those who have walked that extra mile:
Creds, cudos and endless gratitude, I want to thank those people who have walked with me during the worst uphills of life and choked on chocolate with me. Those who, with their skills, experience and professionalism, have been crucial for the walking blog today.

Each step we take ourselves, but together we can go much further.