There are as many models of hiking trousers as there are stars in the sky. It may seem difficult to find the right pair and when temperatures are working up to 30 degrees in the summer, is it a good idea to walk in shorts? I’ve tried all the variations of legwear available for the summer. Sweated in long pants, scratched up my legs in shorts, switched from shorts to long pants and from long pants to shorts. Learning what is the best type to wear for this time of year.

Angeliqa Mejstedt och Jonna Jinton på Kungsleden under Fjällräven Classic

A little dirt, a few scratches and a lot of mosquito bites – that’s the price to pay for cooler hiking attire. I always get very, very hot when I’m hiking. I often wander in a t-shirt or baselayer instead of having a jacket on me. But let me tell you why it’s rarely a good idea to walk in shorts and why you should choose long-legged hiking pants.

Protect your legs from scratches, dirt and mosquito bites

When hiking across fields, mountainous terrain and woods, you may need to climb rocky boulders, walk through bushes with thorns and along unkempt paths lined with stinging nettles. Protect your legs from being scratched, stung or otherwise. Long legged pants are a great way to avoid getting bitten by gnats, mosquitoes and ticks. Certainly mosquitoes can bite through thinner material, but it is much better to have long trouser legs than to go bare-legged.

There are smart pants options

  • Removable Leg
  • Cool material
  • Vents

I get very hot when I walk. Therefore, I’ve invested in a pair of thin hiking pants with removable legs. The hiking trousers have a zipper underneath the knee that allows the pants to quickly turn into shorts when the sections through more wild terrain are over. Several models of hiking pants also have smart ventilation systems. Clothing that can be adjusted will save space in your pack and provide a nicer walk. What do you use for hiking pants in the summer? What features and materials do you prefer?

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