Alla samarbeten skräddarsys efter behov och önskemål. Läs om annonsmärkning i min PR Policy.

Företag kan synas på Vandringsbloggen genom annonser, tävlingar eller redaktionella inlägg. Jag deltar gärna under event och mässor eller kliver in som konsult inom kommunikation och HR.

Vandringsbloggen har samarbetat eller sponsrats av: Tele2, Mini Cooper, Blocket, Fjällräven, Morakniv, Naturkompaniet, Utemagasinet, Svenska Turistföreningen, Stockholmsmässan m.m.

Jag har F-skatt. Skicka mejl till [email protected] för offert.

Editorial Posts

Editorial posts are chosen and created carefully. We work together to tailor the post to suit your company’s strategic communication, marketing activities and goals, and combination of media channels.

  • Guaranteed Visibility

  • Agreed schedule

  • Suitable for campaigns, products, and technologies

    For example: Visit Norway , Injury Store, Mora Knife.
    Price example:

    • 12,500 kr per single post

    • 28 500 for three posts or two posts and a competition / advertisement


Run a competition or giveaway for our readers. I will choose a winner and provide you with details so that you can send your prize to the winner.

Competition ideas:

  • Answer a question about the company’s website / product and then write why YOU should win!

  • Like the post on Facebook and write why the product would help you!

  • Take a picture of yourself when using a similar product / show how to use the product for the campaign!

    Example: Calazo Publishing

    Price: 5,000 kr

Lectures and Workshops

Lectures are always tailored to the audience and clients wishes. 20 – 60 minutes.

Theme: Hikefulness – About conscious walking and finding a balance in everyday life with the help of nature.

I have lectured for ABB, Swedish Tourist Association, Holiday Club in Åre, etc.

Price: SEK 6,000, as well as any travel expenses, lodging and meals.


Hire me for:

  • Promoting your event to a relevant audience

  • Reporting during the event

    • Interviews with Visitors, Officials and Project Collaborators

    • Coverage before and during the event

    • Personal Reporting from the Event

      • Build your own event portal page on the Hiking Blog


      • Organise events with Vandringsbloggen

      • Lectures, Customer Evenings, etc.

        Example: Fjällräven , High Coast Winter Classic, Naturkompaniet and Female Adventurers

        Price: Customised depending on content.


Long ambassadorships are the most rewarding for long-term brand building. Here we can really do magic.

Example: Female Adventurers (Kvinnliga Äventyrare)


At strategic and operational level, I can help companies as a consultant in the following areas:

  • Marketing and Trademark Strategy

  • Digital Copywriting

  • Events and Fairs

  • Customer Evenings and Lectures

  • Web-based work

  • Digital Communication and Social Media

  • Texts, Columns, and Reporting

  • HR General, Recruitment, Labor Law, Rehabilitation

    With experience from working in an international group with management training, strategic skills, employer branding, contractual issues and commissions.

    For example: U R S T I G, Utemagasinet (Columnist) and Västerås Karate Centre (Web editor) Nature Company (Girl’s Night)

    Price: From 950 – 1 300 SEK per hour depending on the assignment.

Social Media Statistics

Vandringsbloggen actively works with a wide range of media to reach and inspire people. The communication is adapted to each channel.

Instagram: +8,500 followers

Facebook Page: +4 500 followers

Community: +4,000 members

Twitter: +800 followers

Newsletter: 300 recipients

Download Hiking Blog Media Kit (PDF)

Blog Statistics

The hiking blog reaches tens of thousands of nature loving visitors every month.

Visitors: 20,000

Number of pageviews: 40,000

Time on page: 2 minutes

Organic Search Traffic: 60%




Assignment Examples

Fjällräven Classic – Event Marketing

Event reporting directly from Kungsleden together with Jonna Jinton and Johan Forsberg. 70,000+ views on You Tube. Hiking 110 kilometres and daily video reports.

Visit Norway – Destination Marketing

In order for more to discover Norway as a hiking destination, Vandringsbloggen conducted a 2016 campaign to increase awareness of hiking trails in Norway.

See Example

Morakniv – Product Marketing

The Female Adventurer Campaign, which aims to excite and encourage more girls to discover outdoor adventure and nature. With 100+ ambassadors, meetups, podcasts, newsletters, a youtube series, editorial posts and events, we tackle prejudices around who’s getting outdoors and how.