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Please contact me to book a lecture. I work with organisations, companies and associations both large and small. Together we find an arrangement that suits you. Below you can see suggestions for some of my most popular lectures.

Angeliqa Mejstedt Vandringsbloggen En blogg om vandring Kontakt


  • Find your own Everest : Do you follow your own or others’ dreams?

  • Motivation, goals and the art of managing uphill

  • From top job to dream job : Creating your own everyday life

  • Hiking 101 : Everything you need to know to get out in the wild
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  • Hikefulness : Become more aware in everyday life and nature

  • Sustainable outdoor living : From gadgets to smart investments

  • Pilgrimage : Just for spiritual seekers?
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Angeliqa Mejstedt Föreläsning Föreläsare

Walking has something to teach us all, whether we are on the trail or not. Starting with that, hiking expert Angeliqa Mejstedt talks about motivation, the importance of listening to oneself, sustainability and, above all, how one follows their own dreams – not the dreams of others. </ B>

Angeliqa Mejstedt is Sweden’s most high profile hiking persona and runs the company Vandringsbloggen, which focuses on inspiring and spreading knowledge about nature and outdoor life. In 2016, she resigned from a top job at one of Sweden’s largest industrial companies, to devote herself full-time to the world of hiking . </ Span>

With great dedication and solid experience in outdoor life, as well as psychology, she draws upon innovative ways of thinking which can motivate and inspire all types of people to embark on their life’s journey. / span>

With masters degrees in business administration and human resources, she always has a scientific basis for her advice. At the same time, her great personal experience of hiking and outdoor life makes her a credible lecturer and inspirator in health, motivation and outdoor life. </ Span>

At a time when focus is often on quick results, on both the inside and outside, and where the experiences are becoming increasingly extreme and competitive, Angeliqa advocates the opposite. Through promoting changes and habits that are sustainable with the long-term in mind and advocating experiences that are accessible to everyone, regardless of previous experiences and personal fitness, she inspires people to change in a positive way that lasts.

Angeliqa’s offerings are aimed at smaller and larger organisations seeking an innovative approach to inspiration and motivation. Based on the act of hiking, she creates lectures which draw upon the parallels of everyday life, giving recognition in a way that reaches a broad target group, with both concrete advice and inspiration that touches, questions and can change thoughts and behaviours.