I have a ridiculously good activity for when I go into a town. It is to scour flea markets for outdoor related items, and on some days it is just a slamdunk on all fronts. Much like today when I found hiking inspiration for the world’s most beautiful hikes – an old edition of Vagabond magazine lying in a newspaper pile for a five krona.

I also found a retro coffee thermos for twenty – it may not keep hot for half an eternity but the charm of having it to pack into my backpack for a shorter day trip is worth it. But best of all, were the old postcards I found with mountain photographs. I’ll try to find metal frames in gold to frame them and hang on the wall here at home. These fine finds just makes my heart roar.

Then I took a detour via the lake which wasn’t a bad way to spend a sunny afternoon.

Author Angeliqa

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