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Sweden was the first in Europe to form national parks in 1909 to preserve the natural values, promote outdoor recreation and tourism. Today there are 29 different national parks from Vadvetjokka in the north to Dalby söderskog in the south. Most have built-in entrances where you will find practical information such as maps, parking space and other things you need to easily get out into nature. Many also have Naturum – manned information centers – where you can ask about attractions and find exhibitions. The national parks have varying hiking environments with mountains, coniferous forests, precious woods, streams, lakes, wetlands, forest, coast and sea.

What is the difference between National Park and Nature Reserve?

In Sweden, nature can be protected in two different ways – through nature reserves or national parks. National park is a more powerful protection than the nature reserve. In a national park, the land is owned by the state and it is the government and parliament that decide on the large, untouched land areas that are part of the national parks. Nature reserves can be owned privately or publicly, and it is the county administrative board and municipality that decide to form nature reserves in consultation with landowners and various interested parties. Nature reserves are often formed to protect and conserve natural environments and different species that live there. The area can be large or small.

Did you know that: Sweden has 3,200 nature reserves covering 54,000 square kilometers.

Swedens 30 National parks:

There are 30 national parks in Sweden.  A lifelong adventure to discover as many of the national parks as possible and at the same time hike in Sweden’s diverse environment.

  1. ABISKO Get off the train and straight into a thriving mountain world at one of Sweden’s sunniest places. In the winter, Abisko is one of the best places in the world to experience the Northern Lights.
  2. STORA SJÖFALLET/ STUOR MUORKKE The national park was formed in 1909 to preserve the great case. The mountain Akka with its peaks and glaciers as well as the beautiful primeval forests of pine impresses even if the big case does not remain.
  3. SAREK Sarek offers Sweden’s most dramatic scenery with pointed mountains, powerful glaciers and rushing watercourses.
  4. PIELJEKAISE Extensive mountain birch forests are the characteristics of the national park as well as meadows full of yellow butter balls that meet the visitor in June.
  5. SONFJÄLLET The sunbeam rises above the surrounding old forest. When the National Park was founded in 1909, it was one of the bear’s last strongholds in the country and now there are plenty of bears.
  6. HAMRA Extensive marshlands, wooded forests and the meandering Svartån form a rare whole of nature that invites for hiking and outdoor life.
  7. ÄNGSÖ On the idyllic island of the meadows you can enjoy flowering primroses and orchids. Ängsö is the landscape of the pasture animals and the slaughterhouse, but here is also the wild-grown old forest.
  8. GARPHYTTAN In Kilsbergen’s dark coniferous forests lies Garphyttan with flowering meadows and deciduous forests. Here, the old woodland woodpeckers meet the songbirds of the old farming landscape.
  9. GOTSKA SANDÖN A remarkably beautiful island with miles of sandy beaches and deep sunny pine forests. Take the tour boat to this island, which in centuries fascinated visitors.
  10. DALBY SÖDERSKOG In the Skåne plain, this deciduous forest grove lies as a lush, inviting oasis. In the spring, few places can compete with Dalby Söderskog in flower splendor and bird song.
  11. VADVETJÅKKA Sweden’s northernmost national park. Proper wilderness with some of the country’s deepest caves.
  12. BLÅ JUNGFRUN In the middle of Kalmarsund a remarkable island of red granite rises with smooth mountain hills, caves, noble forest and a fantastic sea view.
  13. NORRA KVILL Enchanting wooded forest with tall conifers, still ponds and mossy blocks.
  14. TÖFSINGDALEN Secret valley with old pine forests, block lands, rushing water and glittering, small ponds.
  15. MUDDUS/MUTTOS  The land of the great marshes and forests. Here you can discover the real big forest, the wild mud shower and huge swamps with the vocals of the songs.
  16. PADJELANTA/ BADJELÁNNDA In uninhabited land, open reindeer pasture spreads meadows and heaths and large crystal clear lakes out. Unusual species such as mountain fox and mountain owl.
  17. STORE MOSSE Sweden’s largest marsh area south of Lapland is located in the Lesser Highlands. Here are many birdwatchers where you can look out over the magnificent expanses and perhaps hear the heather pipe.
  18. TIVEDEN Impressive rock blocks, softest mosses and clear lakes surround paths that have been used since ancient times.
  19. SKULESKOGEN This is Sweden’s highest coastline with magnificent views and the world’s highest land elevation. In the old spruce forests, long boughs grow, a rare layer that looks like Christmas tree tinsel.
  20. STENSHUVUD This is the national park by the sea in the Skåne Österlen where coastal mountains, noble woods, heaths and beautiful beaches are united.
  21. BJÖRNLANDET Here you quickly get a sense of how nature looked before man put his tracks through forestry. Nature resembles that Linnaeus saw during his Lapland trip just over 250 years ago.
  22. DJURÖ An archipelago landscape in Western Europe’s largest lake Vänern. Coarse pine roots wobble on the ground after mill and moisture. Nice pebble hills to view birds from.
  23. TYRESTA Just two miles from Stockholm city center you can experience the silence in the pristine forest that invites you to hiking and mushroom picking.
  24. HAPARANDA SKÄRGÅRD A sunny and sandy archipelago with shallow beaches. The location towards the horizon makes the island loved by migratory birds, kayakers and hikers.
  25. TRESTICKLAN In this roadless wilderness one can wander far and enjoy the many views. The tall-clad mountain ridges never seem to run out and you are constantly greeted by new small lakes and marshes.
  26. FÄRNEBOFJÄRDEN Unique river landscape in the lower Dalälven river with over 200 islands and cuttings. On skis or in the canoe, it is easiest to discover the woodlands of the woodpeckers and the owls.
  27. SÖDERÅSEN High altitudes, beautiful beech forests and dramatic gorges. Odensjön is a completely round small lake in a bowl-shaped, deep sink in Söderåsen.
  28. FULUFJÄLLET Here, the primeval forest meets the glow of thick, white carpets of lichen, as it is our only large mountain where no reindeer graze.
  29. KOSTERHAVET In the country’s first marine national park there is our only coral reef. Here you can enjoy the nature of the sea where the richest life is below the surface.
  30. ÅSNEN  Feeling of wilderness, experiences beech forest, lake archipelago and experiencing a rich plant and animal life.

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