What is hikefulness?

Hikefulness is a word that is not in any dictionary.

Even though the word is not written down, anyone who experiences nature in close proximity can still relate to the feeling that occurs when the sunlight falls just right between the trees, when the wind makes the leaves in the tree tops rage and when you draw in through your nose, the smell of wet soil and moss after a summer rain.

It may be that moment after a long hike when you sit down at the waterside, light a fire and see the flames dance under the moonlight. When life for a while feels complete.

When there is no yesterday and no tomorrow. Just the here and now. Hikefulness.

Hikefulness Solnedgång


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SPEAKING. Book a lecture about what lessons we can learn from the hiking trail and what a stay in nature can teach us about how to cope in everyday life.

Inspirational lecture that suits companies, associations and school classes.

20 minutes / 60 minutes


WORKSHOP. Book a practical workshop where we go out into nature and practise practical hikefulness and conscious presence in nature.

Suitable for companies and associations who want to promote health in the workplace. As part of a event or independent half-day event.

45 minutes / 3 hours


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Hikefulness to me

It began as a philosophy – trying to put words on a feeling I could feel so strongly, that it took over my soul and mind but I had never heard anyone else fully describe.

The concept has grown into a philosophy of life, with lessons from nature and the hiking trail that you can bring home every day. I’ll tell you more about the changes I’ve made in my life after starting to discover myself along the hiking trails.

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