In the Hiking Podcast, Emelie Bröms and I talk about everything that has to do with hiking and outdoor life.

Join us on adventures! The hiking boots are on and we offer practical tips and guidance, conversations with interesting guests and go on exciting study visits in the great outdoors.

This is a relaxed, permissive and human podcast, with both feet firmly on the ground to inspire you to find adventure in everyday life and give you the knowledge needed to step out into nature.

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Female Adventurers Podcast

What really is an adventure? How does outdoor life gender equality work in nature and what happens when we step outside the door? Together with the outdoor enthusiast Emelie Bröms, we are able to tackle the most important issues of the outdoor life.

My favourite topics:
– Homesickness: Where the heart aches
– Fear: Are you safe out there?
– Outdoor Hygiene: Menstrual cups and hand gel
– Gear witch hunt: How much expensive equipment do you really need?
– Following dreams: Meet Maria who moved out to the country.

Listen to all episodes: Female Adventurers Podcast


Husky Podcast

During a rainy long weekend, Myself and an international gang of freelancers stepped right out onto the untouched mountain terrain of Sweden in order to hard-test equipment. During the week, we visited the factory shops of Lundhags, the Sports Tech Research Center at Mid Sweden University who develops new materials for outdoor equipment and Woolpower. Hear about all of these and the Jämtland Outdoor Experience in this episode.

Listen: Huksy Podcast: Episode 118


Out with P1

In the radio program Out on P1 I talk about what the walk really does to us as people. Together with the presenter Linnea Luttu I walk a bit of Dag Hammarskjöld’s pilgrimage in Abisko.

Listen: Out med P1 – What does hiking do to us?

The year after I got back, how I was deeply and profoundly changed, and my best tips for how to deal with hygiene while outdoors from menstrual cups to sweaty armpits and pooping outdoors.

ListenThe nature of recovery and hygiene while travelling

El Camino de Santiago


In Vagabond’s podcast tour return, I talk about my walk along the El Camino de Santiago – 800 kilometres of pilgrimage that came to change my life.

In the section we also talk about user-friendly travel packages with Urban Lindstedt and volcanic hiking in Madagascar with Karin Wallén.

Listen: Round Trip: Episode 11