I got a reader question about socks that I will try to answer as well as possible:

Hey! I have not found any sensible socks yet. Do you have any good tips on which you can have (besides wearing double socks) – what do you buy for socks?

I have tried socks in all different price ranges – from SEK 10 upwards to SEK 200. I have used the very cheapest from XXL, bargained steel gray military socks from Surplus Company, gone in stockings from Bridgedale since 2005 and am currently testing walking socks from Smartwool. Generally, when you purchase hiking socks, consider choosing breathable socks. Good hiking socks contain a combination of materials such as wool, synthetic and silk. Wool has warming properties whether it’s cold outside or if the sock is damp. The wool is mixed with other materials such as not to go saggy. Thicker socks can have cloth-like material under the foot or around the whole foot. Do not use cotton socks or sports socks because they become wet rags around your feet. Choose a sock that fits securely around the foot and adjust the thickness of the socks to how much space you have left in the boot. It must not be too crowded in the boat. Bring your boot to your nearest store and try out socks in the boot you are going to walk in. A little bumpy and lumpy but easily worth those extra minutes.

1. Use Double-Socks


Dress your feet as you dress otherwise when you walk – layer! The thinner sock transports moisture away to the thicker sock so that the foot is kept as dry as possible. Why double socks? Double socks reduce friction and wear to the skin of the foot as you walk. With double socks, the foot can easily slide inside the boot, reducing the risk of chafing and blisters.

2. Change your socks often


There is a simple rule; Dry feet are happy feet. Therefore, you should change socks as often as possible, preferably every break. Hang the wet socks out to dry on the backpack.

3. With three sets of socks you can handle everything!


How many pairs of socks do you really need? This is a matter of taste. I have tried many varieties of socks and it gets tricky when you have lots of different thicknesses, brands and colors. It becomes a problem when socks disappear in the laundry and then you have to spend a lot of time looking for socks to combine. You can try out the inner sock if you want to have the outer sock you want to have. Choose the ones that fit your foot and boot well. Then you buy three sets of each. Then you will be able to survive forever (or until you have worn out the socks). I promise you.

4. Dry the socks on the backpack


My best hiking lifehack: During the hike you have a set of socks on your feet, one in the backpack and one hanging on the backpack. I usually have to change socks every break. The wet socks I hang on the backpack so that they can dry and if it rains outside I usually attach them to the inside of the hiking pants, or on the front of the thighs so they dry off the body heat. Bring a safety pin or two and attach the damp socks to the back of the backpack if it is sunny or at all times, then you never have to worry about them falling off.

5. Choose socks with care



Choosing the right socks can feel difficult. But it’s really just a case of going to a well-stocked outdoor store and trying with our boots. If you have bought good boots you should not skimp on good socks. No matter which brand you buy, be sure to buy the right size and that the socks do not fold down inside the boat. And they should go over the edge of the boat so that they protect against the wear of the boots.

Do you have more great tips? Which is your favorite brand? How often do you change your socks when you’re out walking?

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