The blessing of the thousand fires and the curse of the hundred fours.

Doing something for the first time is exciting . New. Attractive. The sense of breaking new ground, moving towards new horizons. Being a pioneer. To cope with something that I never managed before. I’m proud. Remember when I got to the first time with frictional force. A whole weekend I trained and prepared myself with one of Sweden’s best bushcraft instructors. The last day, the heat between my wooden pieces made fire ignite. I was one with everything. Remember the first time I created a fire with a kick at home in my mother’s barbecue when I was a teenager. Now I knew that the firelighting would never be like before.

Doing something for tens or thousands of times is a blessing. I have become one with everything. The fire is an important part of my life so much that the fire is almost part of every cell. Where the fire is, I feel at home. Here the soul finds peace. It’s where the heart is long, the body lands, the spirit is created. It’s around the fire. I gather the people.

Doing something for the hundredth time puts everything at stake. You meet the inner demons who are trying to keep you back. The euphoric almost rock concert-like feeling that the first time fire was created is long gone. Quiet and plateau. The fire is a means and a goal but not a part of your creation. And there, the black thoughts can come to find another activity, something that gives back that rock concert on the inside. And in this way, we walk through life always in search of the next rock concert, when we really have to do is to keep going. Until the fire becomes part of everything we are. For there we have a place to land in silence.

And for anyone who has lit ten thousand fires, it knows that our essence is the best. And all of us have been to places where we just run and run between the rock concerts. But we give up for the hundred of fours.

Have you ever found the blessing of the thousand fires? Do you recognize yourself in the curse of the hundred fires? Please write in the comment field, so we can discuss further together.

Author Angeliqa

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