Vandringsbloggen Community – A Digital Campfire for Everyone who Loves Hiking

The hiking blog Community is a digital campfire for hikers who want to meet and interact with like-minded people and discover nature together. It is a a place to share knwledge, ask questions to prepare an adventure and to participate in physical meetings. Today this movement involves 15,000 locals an and annually a hundreds of events is created around Sweden. Together, memories, friendships and even love couples are created along the trails.

Today there are local groups in all of Sweden’s counties, a purchase and sales group for used outdoor equipment, dating group, parent group and job brokerage. The purpose is to support hiking enthusiasts throughout their lives, with knowledge sharing and community. In the groups there is always someone to ask and we share tips for each other and dare to explore the surroundings and ourselves in the support of the community.

Meet the locals and find your way into the hiking community

It is absolutely free to join the Hiking Blog Community. Sometimes I share discount codes from partners and events where hiking blog representatives participate. It will be an extra bonus to make it easier for you to come out more often and with good equipment.

Theme gruops (in swedish): Dating group for OutdoorersSecond Hand Outdoorgear – Hike with Children – Outdoor relatedJobs – Book club

National group: Share the weekend’s outdoor photos with someone who cares. Discuss dream walks and get tips and tricks for a more wonderful hiking trip. This is the place to snuggle up really well. Vandringsbloggen Community International group for events, meetups and altogether english forum Vandringsbloggen International

Local hiking groups: Find hiking friends close to where you live and discover the local adventure together.

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Once upon a time… How it all started!

The hiking blog Community started a rainy February Monday in Västerås. I needed to get a lot of training before a mountain hike later that year, and I was totally unhappy at all hours of wear and tear. So I invited a friend via Facebook. That night, the idea was born that more and more people wanted to find others to walk with. Today, the hiking blog Community engages over 15,000 people and every year hundreds of meetings are held within the community. Every day, hikers help each other to share wonderful hiking tours, product tips and encouragement to take that next step out in the wildest of imaginations and dreams.

Hapiness is only real when shared